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  Terri Lee Photography  

Aloha, I'm Terri Lee!

Welcome to my world of bright, refreshing and warm images sharing the stories + milestones of the moments you’ll remember forever.

We all have a story. Mine started growing up with a mom + grandparents that loved taking pictures. There’s nothing I love more than curling up with a cup of tea and flipping through photos. Images from Kodak Brownies, Polaroid’s, and Instamatics, filled boxes of my childhood until I picked up the camera myself + began filling my own boxes.

Many years – and cameras later - my passion for preserving memories + capturing moments came to fruition when I was desperate to improve my photos of sports action in the lives of my three kids. The images of past seasons were clouded with dark gyms + poor lighting resulting in blurry pictures. The answer? An Intro to Digital Photography! The result: An investment in Canon I'll never regret!

Of all the photos that were taken growing up, I only have a handful of photos of my mom, grandparents and I together and those blurry and fading. Those memories of my family are treasures I'll pass down to my children and grandchildren someday, but in the meantime, I am passionate about capturing an abundance of images for YOU!

Today, the photos I’ll capture will be bright, crisp and shared so easily. I'm based in Phoenix, Arizona and would be honored to photograph your life, your people, your passions + your story you'll cherish for generations.

Courtney, Austin Jared, Shar, Ed, Terri and Bre

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